By 2050: More plastic than fish!



According to a recent World Economic Forum report, by 2050 our beautiful oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish! This may seem totally crazy and inconceivable - there are so many fish in the sea! But sadly, if we continue to dump plastics into the oceans, in only 34 years, there will be a 1:1 ratio of plastic to fish in the oceans. 

A Huffington Post article throws out some of the report's staggering stats, and is definitely worth checking out. When you read some of these numbers, the report doesn't seem all that unbelievable. For example, at least 8 million tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean every year. That's the same as dumping one garbage truck of plastic every minute into the oceans. 

According to the Huff Post article, only 14% of plastics get recycled and the rest are trashing our coastlines and oceans. That's where we come in. At Fair Harbor, we're trying to change our consumption patterns and keep those plastics from going into the ocean in the first place. Each of our board shorts are made with 11 plastic bottles that could be littering the ocean.

If we want to save our oceans and preserve their beauty and wildlife we have to start changing our habits. If we don't, in the near future we'll see just as many plastics as fish in our oceans!

Time to Sea's the Day!