Top Ten Animals To Develop Cancer From Pollution

In February of 2008, a study was released from Journal Science. This study proved that human pollution has made it to every part of the globe from overfishing, greenhouse gases, global warming, and the introduction of toxins into the environment. Not just Humans, but all species are being impacted and put in harm because of human behavior. Due to toxins making their way into our water, many mammals in the aquatic ecosystem are paying the price. New research shows that the toxins build up in high amount in the fat and breast milk of underwater animals. Unfortunately this leads to cancer for many of our aquatic friends, especially the larger aquatic mammals. The Toxic Top Ten: Bottlenose Dolphin, Orca, Rissos Dolphin, Harbor Seal, Beluga Whale, Mediterranean Monk Seal, Common Dolphin, Gray Seal, Polar Bear. The 10th is the Steller's Sea Eagle.